Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners Level 1

The Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners: Level 1 workshop gives attendees evidence-based strategies and techniques to enhance both language and content instruction in the classroom. 

Participants will learn how to distinguish between academic content and language, and identify key components of academic English. Participants will also deepen their understanding of task analysis and the power of leveraging what students need to know and be able to do with language in order to master rigorous grade-level content standards. 


Key Takeaways

Learn how to implement the framework for differentiating instruction to make academic content and academic English language accessible to EL/MLs at all proficiency levels.



  • Defining Differentiated Instruction
  • Academic Content vs. Academic English Language
  • Key Components of Academic Language
  • Introduction to Task Analysis
  • Differentiating Instruction: Application
  • Differentiating Through the Strategy Lens

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