Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners Level 2

The Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners: Level 2 workshop explores increasingly advanced techniques for differentiating instruction and provides opportunities for participants to practice implementing these techniques in the classroom. 


Participants will become familiar with a variety of frameworks for differentiating instruction and expand upon the critical role of task analysis in lesson planning. Participants will also learn how to analyze instructional tasks for academic language, academic content, and overall cognitive demand, enabling them to better identify areas in need of scaffolded support.

While it is recommended to have previously taken the Differentiating Instruction for English/Multilingual Learners: Level 1 workshop, the content of our workshops are designed so that they may be taken in any order.


Key Takeaways

Gain the knowledge, skills, and increased capacity to tailor instruction to individual EL/ML’s proficiency levels in all four domains of language.



  • Defining Differentiation
  • Task Analysis Deep Dive
  • Modeling Task Analysis
  • Application of Task Analysis
  • Task Reflection and Revision
  • Differentiating by Area of Focus

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